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Monthly Subscription Contents
Grade 1
Below are the lists of material contained in the monthly subscription. This new subscription is now complete and contains the whole course which will take you from being a complete beginner through to an advanced Grade 5 clarinettist.
Grade 2
The note side E flat - with video
Prelude - solo with piano
The note B flat
B flat major
March - solo with piano
Siciliana - solo with piano
Dynamics - controlling crescendo and diminuendo - with video
Playing position - with video
Semiquavers - with video
Semiquaver Jaunt solo with piano
Quaver rest - with video
taa tifi rhythm - with video
tafa te rhtyhm - with video
Breathing - with video
Adagio - solo with piano
Feeling the breath movement - with video
Tied notes - with video
Tied over quavers - with video
Suspension and resolution
E harmonic minor
Forked B - with video
Staccato - with video
Staccato Polka - solo with piano
Dotted quaver/semiquaver rhythm - with video
Sweet Bonny Boat - solo with piano
Mist on the Glen - solo with piano
Chromatic scale - with video
Triplets - with video
Triplet Fantasy - solo with piano
Compound time - with video
The register key - with video
Clarinet F sharp - with video
Bagatelle - solo with piano
Clarinet A - with video
Crossing the break - with video
Jumpin Around - solo with piano
Cuckoo - solo with piano
Right Fingers Down technique - with video
Bluebells of Scotland - solo with piano
Waltz - solo with piano
Right Fingers Down after G - with video
Breathing Correctly - with video
Correct use of LH1 - with video
Minuet - solo with piano
Staccato and breath support - with video
Polka Dot - solo with piano
Breathung when crossing the break - with video
Key of C major
More on staccato
Key of G major 2 octaves
Tone and flexible jaw movement - with video
Right Finger Down on B flat - with video
Home Sweet Home - solo with piano
More on jaw flexibility
Clarinet G sharp.
Diminuendo to ppp - with video
Glentanner - solo with piano
Clarinet G sharp and A minor - with video
Ye Banks and Braes - solo with piano
Grade 1 contains 240 sound files, 36 videos, 74 photographs, 41 pages of sheet music, diagrams, fingering charts and detailed instructions. The highlights covered in the lessons are as follows;
The clarinet and it's parts
Assembling the clarinet - with video
The mouthpiece and reed - with video
The first three notes - with video
How to tongue - with video
Cleaning the clarinet - with video
How to read music
Crotchet rests - with video
Tonguing and playing - with video
Correct breathing - with video
Andante - solo with piano
Using a sling - with video
Minims and minim rests - with video
The notes F and G - with video
Breathing - with video
Using a metronome
Quavers - with video
Good King Wenceslas - solo with piano
Adding the right hand fingers - with video
The notes B, A and G
Three time - with video
Donside Waltz - solo with piano
The note F sharp - with video
Deeside Variations - solo with piano
Vroom vrooms - with video
G major and arpeggio
Slurring - with video
Throat A - with video
Morning has Broken - solo with piano
Low F sharp - with video
The note low B flat - with video
Torry Battery - solo with piano
The note throat B flat - with video
F major and arpeggio
Bloomin Heather - solo with piano
Dotted crotchet quaver rhythm - with video
Scarborough Fair - solo with piano
Scottish Pearl - solo with piano
The note C sharp - with video
Volume levels - with video
Hornpipe - solo with piano
Compound time - with video
Crotchet quaver rhythm - with video
Summer Journey - solo with piano
The note low G sharp - with video
Ghostie Capers - solo with piano
Scale of A minor
The note left hand low F - with video
Left or right hand F - with video
The note right hand low E - with video
Rotating pinkies - with video
Summer Waltz - solo with piano
Grade 2 contains 235 sound files, 33 videos, 24 photographs, 59 pages of sheet music, diagrams, fingering charts and detailed instructions. The highlights covered in the lessons are as follows;
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Copyright Colin Hunter
April 2006
 Monthly Subscription
Grade 3/4
Grade 3/4 contains 317 sound files, 24 videos, 27 photographs, 89 pages of sheet music, diagrams, fingering charts and detailed instructions. The highlights covered in the lessons are as follows;
Top B and C - with video
Compound time - 9/8 time
Tied notes - with video
Syncopation - with video
Transposition - with video
Tuning - with video
Playing in Tune - with video
Clarinet C sharp
Tounging and the top notes - with video
Tickly tongue - with video
Quaver/dotted crotchet rhythm - with video
Right hand C sharp and left hand B - with video
Practice Technique - with video
Rondo form - Waltzing Rondo
Key of D major
Staccato revision - with video
Key of A major
Left hand low F sharp - with video
Jazzy rhythms
Chromatic scale on E - with video
Right Fingers Down revision
Clarinet left hand C sharp
Swing rhythms - with video
Clarinet A sharp
Side F sharp - with video
Changing time signatures
Chromatic scale on C
Clarinet B flat
Lesson 6 Ex.12 - with video
Breathing Control and musically - with video
Clarinet E flat - with video
Clarinet left hand C - Afton Waters
Key of G minor
Top C sharp - with video
Mezzo staccato - with video
Irregular times - with video
Top D
Irregular times - 7/8
Breaking in and testing new reeds
D major top octave
Cut time
Dotted quaver/semiquaver rhythm
More on swing - with video
Embouchure and a flat chin.
Note endings and nuances.
Tai fi challenge.
D harmonic minor.
Chromatic Scale on C 2 octaves.
Side F sharp.
2.5 reeds.
Old jazz standard.
Extension of right finger down technique.
Ornaments - the appogiatura.
The Andante.
Intonation and tuners.
Adjusting the clarinet for tuning.
Ornaments - the acciaccatura.
Cigarette papers and their uses (without tobacco).
C harmonic minor.
Long Bb.
Cut time.
Cross fingerings.
Cut Time March.
Clarinet mouthpieces.
Altissimo Eb.
Ornaments - the turn.
Summers Night.
Adjusting reeds.
F sharp harmonic minor.
The Cheeky Rag.
E major and arpeggio.
Dunottar Castle.
Altissimo E.
Pitching and intonation control.
Breath support and legato playing.
C sharp minor and arpeggio.
Glen Callater.
Shading the low notes.
Bending notes.
Chromatic scale on E 3 octaves.
Melodic minor scales.

Grade 5 Associated Board scales.
Ornaments - mordants.
Handel Bouree.
The Waltz.
Breathing - yes again!
Practice techniques.
The dominant 7th.
The Largo.
Ornaments - trills.
The blues scale.
F harmonic minor and arpeggio.
Tonguing the top notes.
Ravel's Bolero.
Tonguing techniques.
The Basketball.
The diminished 7th.
Jazz study
Fritz in Paris
Grade 4/5
Grade 4/5 contains 108 pages of music, 611 sound files, 21 videos, 115 photographs, diagrams, fingering charts and extremely detailed instructions. The highlights covered in the lessons are as follows;